Committed to a sustainable future

Sustainable Development Goals

Making travel enjoyable for everyone

We work to help achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

The KNT-CT Holdings Group’s sustainability activities focus on 3 materialities and 13 priority measures.

3 materialities and 13 priority measures.

Conduct business activities responsibly

  1. Promote compliance and strengthen corporate governance
  2. Take steps to reduce CO2 and save energy
  3. Achieve work-life balance
  4. Promote diversity and inclusion
  5. Respect human rights and individual dignity

Offer value through tourism

  1. Contribute to physical and mental well-being through travel
  2. Focus on the sports business
  3. Offer travel and programs that contribute to a high-quality education
  4. Develop products and services that raise awareness of the environment and nature conservation
  5. Promote universal tourism

Work alongside society, introduce innovation

  1. Develop the tourism industry and revitalize regional economies through tie-ups with local governments
  2. Offer new services by collaborating with other industries
  3. Use IT to reform operations

KNT-CT Holdings Group's Management Vision
For the dreams and inspiration of people around the world,
we will always challenge ourselves.