Our Businesses

We challenge ourselves to create encounters and inspiration for people around the world, and to realize a society where people can smile through travel.

The KNT-CT Holdings Group is committed to bringing deep emotions and smiles to our customers.

for Visitors to Japan

Welcoming guests from abroad with the highest quality of hospitality

Corporate Services

With our wealth of experience and an established track record, we provide travel, events, and MICE planning and operation. Outside of the travel business, we offer clients highly original proposal-based business ideas.

Training and Inspection Tours

Leave operation of your meetings and training programs to us, to save time, effort, and money

A successful meeting or training program depends on arrangements, planning, and operation meeting the needs of all parties-staff in charge, participants, and companies. From site selection to operation, we have all-round capabilities backed by plenty of experience in end-to-end coordination of meetings or training programs.

Event (including sports) and Cnvention Support

One-stop support for event operation and management

We offer overall management of events and the fine-tuned operation and hospitality only a travel company can provide.
Event support services range from planning and operating the event itself to arranging for transportation and accommodation, all backed by our extensive experience and know-how to make your event a success.

Educational Tours

Kinki Nippon Tourist, the leading educational tour company

KNT was the first in Japan to make arrangements for a train exclusively for school trips. We have been a leader in this field ever since.
We will continue to provide products and services benefiting schools and educators, from arranging school trips in Japan and abroad and proposing new programs to develop human resources and inquiry-based learning for an increasingly interconnected world to supporting school club activities and events.

Global Business and International Conferences

Welcoming guests from abroad with quality hospitality

Our highly experienced specialist team welcomes guests from around the world visiting Japan for MICE, leisure, sports or other travel activities.
We can respond to inbound travelers’ every need to make their trip a memorable one.

Regional Co-creation Business

Devoting resources to local communities

Building on the expertise of both Kinki Nippon Tourist and Club Tourism, we work together with communities everywhere in Japan to address local issues.
We offer services in four areas: running tourism surveys; helping local areas prepare for visitors; holding local promotional activities; and creating products to attract visitors and operating local events, to create tourism-oriented communities and breathe new life into local economies.

Outsourcing Business

Building on our know-how and hospitality-minded outlook thanks to experience in participant management and event operation, we use our network to provide business process outsourcing for local government administration services.

BPO: outsourcing of specific business processes to outside companies

Incentive and Familiarization Trips

Accelerate and expand your business

Incentive travel gives participants great satisfaction and is useful for motivating or rewarding employees, helping accelerate and expandy our business.
We help facilitate the work of personnel in charge of your program and ensure satisfaction for organizers and participants alike.

Services for Independent Travelers

We offer multichannel services that value each customer and address their needs.

Extensive Partner Network

Working with the KNT-CT Partners Association of accommodation and transportation providers in our network, we hold blocks of rooms and offer a complete lineup of promotions that can meet every customer"s needs during travel.

  • KNT-CT Holdings

The Dynamic Package (domestic and overseas travel)

We offer the KNT Dynamic Package, which allows customers to create their own plans by combining various transportation and accommodation options.

  • Kinki Nippon Tourist

Avatar Travel Concierge

Expert staff provide travel advice via an avatar, offering the same level of service as in-store visits. This online customer service is accessible via customers' smartphones or personal computers.
* This service is available in Japanese only.

  • Kinki Nippon Tourist

Premium Hotels and Ryokan Inns Blue Planet KNT High Class

We propose premium accommodations excellent in their own class to our customers after grading facilities by category according to our standards. Blue Planet KNT High Class is a premium brand that goes out of its way to ensure memorable experiences and focus on the wonders of Earth, our Blue Planet.

  • Kinki Nippon Tourist

Theme-based travel

Theme-based travel is a new type of tour attracting travelers with a specific interest, such as hiking or mountain climbing, are interested in visiting history-related sites to satisfy their intellectual curiosity, or exclusively for those traveling without companions . A wide range of tours, both domestic and overseas, is available, giving participants the pleasure of enjoying the company of others with similar interests or learning more about something they are interested in. Theme-based travel, a special feature of Club Tourism that boasts many satisfied customers, could be just the thing you are looking for to enrich your travel experience and create lasting memories.

  • Club Tourism

Club Tourism Cast̶Building Together

In this co-building exercise, customers pool their knowledge and curiosity with Club Tourism to create new value. They can participate in our various businesses, such as tour conductor services, as Club Tourism Cast Members.

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Club 1,000 Project and Club Tourism Pass

Connecting and meeting with friends over shared interests enriches life is made possible through the Club 1,000 Project. The Project includes the subscription-based Club Tourism Pass (¥550 per month), a service offering discounts on tours and other perks and unlimited access to a wide variety of hobby-related videos to help make life richer by exploring topics that subscribers enjoy.

  • Club Tourism