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Akimasa Yoneda, CEO

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Enriching Society
Through Travel

KNT-CT Holdings has produced new value and new wonder, principally through the distinctive activities of two of our Group companies, which continue to try out out-of-the-box ideas.

Kinki Nippon Tourist provides corporate services offering unmatched planning capabilities and flexibility thanks to extensive experience built up since our founding. We have an extensive range of solutions, aiming for continued growth and working to create new types of travel and new businesses. Among our services for independent travelers, we offer travel plans developed with our nationwide supplier network and a consulting network staffed by professionals which is popular among regular customers.

Club Tourism, specializing in theme-based tours, is Japan's largest handler of package tours sold through media advertising, with over 7 million customers throughout the country. The subscription-based Club Tourism Pass offers discounts on trips related to personal interests or following favorite musical acts. Club Tourism Cast is another unique service where customers join hands with local residents to plan and create one-of-a-kind trips and travel-related services.

Traveling and taking part in regional activities help bring happiness to people's lives, particularly now that Japanese are living longer than ever before. Such activities can offer hints today as we aim for sustainable tourism and well-being. The travel industry is full of the power and hope that such travel brings. We will continue branching out into new areas and new businesses, helping revitalize local areas and providing emotional richness through tourism.

We hope KNT-CT Holdings can live up to your expectations as a favorite trusted partner. All our employees will work together toward that goal.

KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.
CEO Akimasa Yoneda

Company Profile

As of Mar31, 2023.
Company name KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.
Established May 26, 1947
Capital 100Million Yen (As of Jul31, 2022)
Stock Listings Standard Market Tokyo Stock Exchange
Representative Akimasa Yoneda, President and Chief Exective Officer
Headquarters Office 39F,Shinjuku Sumitomo Bldg., 2-6-1 Nishi-Shinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0239 Japan
Number of employees 3,343 (Group total)
Main Business KNT-CT Holdings is responsible for the management strategy and administration of the Group companies, mainly Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. and Club Tourism International, which are engaged in travel and travel-related businesses.

Directors, Executive Officers and Auditors

All data is as of June 26, 2023.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Akimasa Yoneda
Executive Managing Director Yoshinobu Koyama
Sadayuki Miyake
Senior Managing Director Kensuke Nakanobo
Director Yoshiya Katamoto
Ayako Muto
Tetsuya Kobayashi
External Director Hiroshi Takahashi
Yasunori Hori
Yusuke Kawasaki
Kiyofumi Fujita
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Munehiro Komeda
Katsuhiko Imai
Hiroyuki Wakamatsu
Executive Officer Yoshihiro Aoki
Munehide Yasuoka
Hidemi Katsuyama
Hideki Nakamine
Kazutoshi Kawakami
Katsuhisa Inagaki
Katsumi Moribe

Headquarters Location

KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.
39F,Shinjuku Sumitomo Bldg., 2-6-1 Nishi-Shinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0239, Japan
5 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Nishi-shinjuku station
1 min. walk from ToeiSubway Ooedo Line Tochoumae [Tokyo Metropolitan Government] station